SAM BLACK CHURCH ripped up the nation for years with their unique brand of metal. Their sound was characterized by Ben's chainsaw-meets-vacuum cleaner on the fritz guitar sound, and Jet's frantically intense vocals. After killing it at every show they played, and influencing a new sound for the Boston metal/hardcore scene, they disbanded in 2000.

Jet -vox, JR -drums, Rich Lewis -bass, Ben Crandall -guitar

Boston's TREE made a career out of commitment. Their music was a brilliant amalgamation of punk, hardcore, groove and good old fiery rock 'n roll. Denying and defying the pigeonhole mentality while continuing to relentlessly tell tales of broken hearts, political upheaval, and even alien intervention, TREE was the embodiment of growth, vision, awareness and, of course, great music.

Dave Tree -vox, Hinx -drums, Ooze -guitar, Jake -bass

Scissorfight is an American four-piece band from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, fronted by singer/songwriter Ironlung. The band has a strong libertarian viewpoint and defines itself as "acid mountain rock".  Formed in 1995, the original lineup consisted of guitarist Jay Fortin, bassist Paul Jarvis, and drummer Joel Muzzey. Blending extreme genres such as grindcore and post-hardcore, the band hired vocalist Ironlung (named for his ability to take in illegal substances) to "stand there and look scary". Relocating to Boston, Ironlung dislocated his shoulder and then spent the entire show trying to punch it back into place. Muzzey left the band soon after, and was replaced by Ironlung's brother Kevin J. Strongbow.


Beginning in 1992, HONKEYBALL was at the forefront of innovative, cutting edge heavy music. One would be hard pressed to actually describe the band as hardcore; their sound had truly developed beyond that typical tough-guy generic style that seemed to pour from the city of Boston. Instead, the band focused on musicianship, unique sounds, vocal stylings and lyrics that set them apart, but worked well with, the rest of the Boston scene. Their appeal ranged from the hardest hardcore fan to the casual music listener who appreciated something unique in heavy music. The band broke up in 1999.


6L6 was one of the pioneers of the Boston punk/metal hybrid sound that came to characterize many of the bands on Wonderdrug. Starting off in 1993 with Wonderdrug's (then Summit) first CD release "Not Even Warm," 6L6 wore the punk rock on their sleeve. 6L6 then moved into a more accessible sound while not giving up the intensity that brought them to the top of the Boston heavy music scene.

Ted Condo -bass,vox, George Perez -drums, Gina Benevides -guitar, John Skibic -guitar John Heatley -guitar


Oh, the ruckus that Slughog raised!  The noise and the riff battling each other for supremacy!  Vocals screamed with the urgency of someone heralding the arrival of the pod people or the ingredients of Soylent Green!  Firestone plays electric guitar.  Picture "Cop"-era SWANS trying to play "Fragile"-era YES.  Not unlike that.

Brian Wright -bass,vox, Andy Burstein -drums, Andrew Schnieder -bass,vox, Firestone plays electric guitar

The first artist signed to Wonderdrug (called "SUMMIT RECORDS" at that time), Stomp Box crushed the Boston scene with their groove oriented metal/hard rock. They went on to sign to Sony Records, but were buried due to their A&R person leaving the company just as the album was released.

Erich Thayler -vocals, Jeff Turlik -guitar, Pat Gleespan -bass, Zeph Courtnay -drums