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01. Fossil
02. Hangman

03. Brainbucket
04. Hanker
05. Yous
06. Berzurkel
07. Organ Grinder
08. Horseshoe
09. Bread
10. Forcefeed

SLUGHOG - "Grit" 1996
Recorded by Carl Plaster

Rumbling across the hinterlands like a stampede of nitrous burning, fuel-injected iron musk oxen came SLUGHOG. Their debut CD/CS "GRIT!"captured the power that has made them underground faves of the Boston music scene. Mixing hammering primal rythyms, distortion-fueled power riffs and a hearty dose of good ole-fashioned "freakout", SLUGHOG sat poised, like a rabid gibben, ready to swing down on an unsuspecting public and fufill their destiny as "The Last Big Thing". Frightened? Intrigued? Beguiled? You should be! Grit! served up 11 heapin' portions of mind-denting, chromoly-dipped pummelcore that isn't afraid to scream from the mountaintops... "HUH?!?"

"Grittier than a used toilet cleaner and more offensive than an unshaven Tammy Faye Baker is the East Coast's answer to Tad. Slughog . I must admit that the bands name is what caught my attention {I love the word hog}. but it's their unruly; almost unbearable post grunge sound that earned them this review. Grit is the name of this release. and I couldn't think of a more fitting title., theres's not an ounce of delicacy to be found. Instead. Slughog focus on delivering ear-pearcing noise that occassionally breaks out into haphazard rhythm. There are a few melodies that cling the grating gutiar hooks and blasting dual bass lines like an infant clinging to its mother. But otherwise slughog slugs it out with criscrossing guitar cords. pummeling drums, and crazed vocals."
-Rob Fiend, GAVIN

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Ungodly Amounts of Meat TRACKING:
01. Answer: The Best Kind
02. Mars, the Angry Red Planet
03. Devil's Advocate Rebuttal
04. Lake
05. A Man Called Ass
06. Electric Mistress
07. Left
08. Freshmaker
09. Triple Clutcher
10. Monkey Fly Plane
11. Speak of the Devil
12. Lillest White Lie

SLUGHOG - "Ungodly Amounts of Meat" 1998
Recorded by Carl Plaster.
Metal Maniacs, Nov. 1998, Slughog "Ungodly Amounts of Meat"
"Described as "Boston's Kings of Pummelcore," I can't think of a better way to sum up Slughog. The sick and twisted cover of Van Halen's "Unchained," which appears on the Up The Dosage! compilation, was my first introduction to the band and I liked their thing right off the bat. Before hearing it I was forewarned that most people either love or hate these guys, and being greeted by the album's bizarre cover art and songtitles like "A Man Called Ass" and "Devils Advocate Rebuttal," I automatically figured I would be part of the hate group. Instead, I found myself getting quickly sucked in by the loosely improvised hooks and free form, spontaneous feel that is front and center here. As much as many of us love tight structure and incredible musicianship of Amorphis, Therion, Savatage, etc., ordered chaos that's heavy for heavy's sake is just plain fun. Besides, any band with two bass players -- who both sing lead vocals -- has got to raise an eyebrow or two! Beginning with "Answer: The Best Kind," this disc is something you can stick your fork into. You'll notice right away how heavily the band utilizes the advantage of having two powerful vocalists. Hey, Slughog's Andrew Schneider and Brian Wright could be the next Stanley and Simmons, Staley and Cantrell, or Burton Bell and Burton Bell! The two-vox theme helps the songs to go a long way, with both harmonizing and alternating vocals keeping thing extremely interesting and fast-moving. The overwhelming bass sound is brutally heavy, but guitarist Firerstone is still major in the mix and contributes his own off -key and off-killer, fuzzy and feedback-laced electric attack. Listening with headphones at dangerous volumes is highly recommended, at your own risk. Now matter how you slice it, it comes up meat-12 tracks of pure beef with gallons of grease 'n' gravy. So sign me up for the "love Em" side of the fence , and hope to catch the supposedly "legendary" Slughog live show sometime soon." -Sue Nolz

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Andrew Schnieder - bass, mouth
Brian Wright - bass, mouth
Andrew Burstein - drums
Firestone - electric guitar